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Playground for Beaver Themer is a simple WordPress theme and relies solely on using Beaver Themer (and Beaver Builder) plugin to create a whole website. The theme itself does not display any WordPress website content. Use the plugins to create all your layouts and views with easy to use drag & drop interface.

Please make sure to install and activate Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder (premium version) plugins before you use the theme. (For instructions on how to use these plugins, please refer to

Playground for Beaver Themer bare-bone WordPress theme is meant as a starter for experienced WordPress users who know their way around Beaver Themer plugin, and are not afraid of coding some additional CSS if needed. For technical information please check the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the questions and answers below for technical information about the theme:

Do I really need to use Beaver Themer plugin?

Yes. The theme is basically useless without the Beaver Themer (and Beaver Builder) plugin. It was built specifically for use with these plugins. You can purchase both at

How to use Beaver Themer plugin?

Please check the official plugin knowledge base. Also, folks at WPBeginner released a comprehensive tutorial article on how to use Beaver Themer plugin.

How can I update the theme?

You can download the newest version of the theme at this very page and overwrite the copy on your server via FTP then.

Or, for automatic theme updates, you can install GitHub Updater plugin which will take care of the theme updates for you.

What styles does the theme contain?

Stylesheets are compiled from SASS partial files from within assets/sass folder. The theme enqueues 3 stylesheets:

  1. assets/css/normalize.css - Makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards.
  2. assets/css/base.css - The RTL languages ready stylesheet containing basic styles for:
    • border box sizing on all elements,
    • inheriting border color from parent elements,
    • basic typography styles, line height, default font families, and heading sizes,
    • vertical spacing for most block elements,
    • headings, blockquote, preformatted text and table elements,
    • form elements and buttons,
    • required .screen-reader-text accessibility class,
    • default WordPress alignments (please note that optional .alignwide and .alignfull classes are not styled),
    • image captions,
    • comments,
    • gallery,
    • images and other embed media,
    • logo,
    • pagination,
    • widgets.
  3. If a child theme is used, it also enqueues child theme’s style.css file.
What styles are NOT contained in the theme?

Basically, all styles mentioned in previous answer are very basic. In most cases they are sufficient enough, but in certain cases you might need to style your website elements to your needs using additional CSS code. For example, you could wish to style comments to your needs, or form elements, or link colors and behavior, or global website typography.

Please feel free to put your custom CSS code into Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS, or into your child theme’s style.css file.

How can I set up custom fonts?

If you would like to set up custom fonts for your website, such as Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts, the simplest solution is to use a dedicated plugin.

Other than that you could use your child theme to load your custom font files into your website and use a custom CSS code to apply it on your website elements.

How to use navigational menus?

The theme allows you to create any number of menus. However, it does not display any of them on front-end of your website. Please use Beaver Builder’s Menu module to display your menus wherever needed.

How to use sidebars (widgetized areas)?

Theme registers a single widgetized area called ‘Sidebar’. However, this sidebar is not displayed on the front-end of your website by the theme. Please use Beaver Builder’s Sidebar module to display it wherever needed.

Surely, you can use a sidebar management plugin to create other widgetized areas if needed.

How can I set $content_width global theme variable?

You can do this directly in theme options at Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Layout → Content width.

Or you can define the PFBT_CONTENT_WIDTH PHP constant in your child theme’s functions.php file.

How to translate the theme to your language?

The theme is fully localization ready. If it is not yet localized, translated into your language, you can translate its texts yourself according to the instructions in languages/ file.

What hooks are available in the theme?

The theme contains several helpful action and filter hooks you can use to hook your child theme functionality to or modify the theme variables. Relevant action hooks are also available for use in Beaver Themer parts.

Available hooks:

Action hooks in header.php file:

  • pfbt_html_before,
  • pfbt_body_top,
  • pfbt_header_before,
  • pfbt_header_after,
  • pfbt_content_before.

Action hook in index.php file:

  • pfbt_content.

Action hooks in footer.php file:

  • pfbt_content_after,
  • pfbt_footer_before,
  • pfbt_footer_after,
  • pfbt_body_bottom.

Filter hook in includes/class-setup.php file:

  • pfbt_content_width.

Please check the file containing the hook for more info.

Get the theme now!

Download the theme for free and start building your new WordPress website entirely in drag & drop interface today.

Download "Playground for Beaver Themer" WordPress theme

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